​"Merely satisfying customers will not be enough to earn their loyalty. Instead, they must experience exceptional service worthy of their repeat business and referral. Understand the factors that drive this customer revolution." ~ Rick Tate

Christine Wallace Experienced event and volunteer coordinator

"Josie facilitated an entrepreneurship training program geared for women. She delivered an informative and engaged workshop on branding and I feel better equipped to apply the strategies learned to complete my business plan. Her patience, guidance, and gracefulness made a tremendous impact not on me but for the other participants as well"

"Josie I just love you!! It is so easy to work with you and I have seen the effects happen fast. You make it so easy for me to get what I need to do and get it done. I have watched you over the years and I have also seen what others have said about you, always great! I hope we can remain friends for a lifetime. Wishing you all the best, Michelle Massey".

Cathy Cope Case Manager, Employment Services at Durham College

"Josie not only knows her material of Social Media, she is excited to share this knowledge with our clients! Her passion for helping clients move forward in their job search is apparent in each and every workshop she facilitates. Josie is quick to follow up with any client questions and every person leaves the workshop excited to put this new information to use. My favorite thing about Josie is her warm and genuine personality ;-)"

Jane Musoke-Nteyafas- Writer, Visual Artist, Poet, Book Illustrator, Creative Entrepreneur and Columnist at NTEYAFAS.COM

"From the perspective of an emerging entrepreneur as well as an artist, it is challenging to find people who understand my business. Josie Aberdeen was the right person to work with. With her excellence, professionalism, integrity and brilliant combination of creativity and business acumen, she has uniquely developed my business and directed it to the next level. She is truly a go-to person for all entrepreneurs, but especially for creative ones."

Robert Vendryes Entreprenuer 

" Josie was my business coach and she is amazing. She has great insight and knowledge in branding, social media and marketing. She is intuitive and is a high integrity person thus she listens and is able to quickly analyse situations and make relevant recommendations"

Andrea Brunswick Coach: Empowering Angels

"I really enjoyed working with Josie. Her knowledge is invaluable. She has a strong ability to bring clarity for the client so that their goals can be reached at faster pace. She is simply wonderful."

Shawn Hanif Empowering Life Skills Coach

"I found Josie to be a very dynamic individual who was eager to share her wealth of knowledge. She did so confidently and with much empathy. She was excellent at trying to understand her clients' needs and addressing them intelligently! Josie was a pleasure to work with and will succeed at anything she embarks on. All the best Josie!"

Shawn Hanif Fine Artist & Illustrator

In her role as an e-project strategist, Josie Aberdeen has always provided me with great information about search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) She is patient and has a genuine interest, that goes above and beyond, to see her clients' succeed.Josie is an excellent strategist, and so knows what to do every step of the way."!"

Caren Singh Owner: Nerca Studios

"Josie is a trustworthy, oriented person who's in tune with herself and her clients inner needs. she's excited, inventive and has detailed knowledge of each topic coupled with superior work ethics. I'd recommend Josie any day, as a matter of fact I have to many. She gives you this feeling, that after working with her you can do anything. Thanks Josie for the beginning"

Somayeh Rokhgireh Eco-Architect

"I have been at Josie 's LinkeDIN work shop on personal branding issue in September 2014 at Micro Skills .
The two sessions of this workshop was very informative and helpful for me to know how to develop my career as an Architect via LinkeDIN and how to promote myself as a brand!
Josie is a significant coach in passing the most golden points to the trainees in an efficient way and she was always responsive toward students' questions. She is very outgoing and skillful at communicating at her own way with students which I believe makes her unique as a trainer.
I would like to be in here further programs either and follow her on LinkeDIN profile .
I think her sessions will expose participants ,either employees and employers ,a new world of innovative ideas in their profession"

Marichu Alo Administrative Assistant

"Josie was the facilitator of the workshop: Social Media Networking. Despite the technical problem she encountered with the connection at that time she was able to share her expertise in networking. Without losing sight of the objective she remained calm and accomodating to all the questions raised during the workshop. The participants including me were more knowledgeable of the different features and functions to use in helping ourselves be known and hopefully find a job. Miss Aberdeen would be of great addition to any company or institution she might work with"

Rrana Narayana Translator

"With minimum computer knowledge I attended two workshops facilitated by Josie. I was very impressed with the length and depth of her knowledge of social media networking. I studied her notes and followed her suggestions. Now I am on LinkedIn. This is a new experience for me. It is very comforting to have Josie as my guide and mentor. She is always willing to help me"

Sasha Blessed Classical Designer

"Josie was able to tackle all of the boundaries that we will face as entrepreneurs, and she so openly gave us a taste of the Business world by sharing her her experience, and professional knowledge. I consider her to be the "Jill of All Trades" because she is a woman of strength, respect, and spirituality that gives a balanced approach in teaching.

You will not be disappointed!"

Rachel Adebowale UI/UX Designer

"I have had the opportunity to attend several workshops Josie facilitated. They were taught with passion and patience.
Her creative ideas have been eye openers both to me and my colleagues who attended the self-employment training class.
As a mentor Josie gives great advice and freely shares valuable knowledge which help us to develop our business.
Josie is outstanding, She has excellent communication and leadership skills.
She is a role model and a great example.
I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to move to another level in their life."

Buseje Bailey Culinary & Fine Artist

"Working with Josie has been a pleasure. During the course of the program, she proved to be incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. She always had an efficient strategy prepared to make our process go smoothly and was excellent in communicating her ideas to us, guiding us to a more reflective, open place where we could see the possibilities rather than the restrictions. Her coaching skills are a seamless mesh of how she is each day, thereby exemplifying her approach".

Hasani Vendryes Youth Entrepreneur

"It has been a pleasure working with Josie Aberdeen. I had several business ideas in mind, and Josie helped me to narrow my focus. She guided me in setting up a variety of social networking profiles to better promote my business. She helped me to identify clear goals, and her strategies were successful in helping me achieve these goals. If you work with Josie, you'll find that she is very kind, pleasant, and warm-hearted. She will guide you through all of the necessary steps to achieve the business goals that you have set. She takes you through these things step-by-step. Having worked with Josie for several months now, I am pleased with the results I have achieved thus far, and I will continue to employ her services."

Alex Abaz  Author

"Josie is fabulous. She is professional, reliable, and so knowledgeable about on-line social networking, promotion, and web tools. Her attitude is awesome and she has a generous spirit. It is a pleasure to have Josie in my circle of business consultants and friends. I recommend her highly.."


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